The SHAHIRA LASHEEN Bridal Spring 2023 collection embodies the idea of woman in different feelings and essence of the word, in one word and symbol the collection pursuits the ideals of nature, the enchantment of ROSE and its different shapes. Rose is a soft, caring and modern woman yet embrace the classic side inside her. A modern woman who is living in the now, has her own pattern of beauty and classy , doesn’t follow, and that where her beauty and attractive personality come from. Presenting “ROSE” through different veils and offer a soft cold, gives a perfect embodying of ROSE character. glimpse of her softness and modernity with materials and refined detailing that bolsters that classical character into contemporary moments. The harmony between beads and crystals on the lace, created a scenery of the sunlight hugging the rose in early morning of theses days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows. Manifesting The ethereal beauty and meaning of a the state of the art of the regal attire(Classic side of ROSE) perfectly through the affluent fabrics such as : crepe georgette, Taffeta, bridal Satin.