Inspired by the internationally-acclaimed classic novel, Little Women; this collection tells the story of four exceptional individuals. Their illustrious journey from childhood to adulthood is colored by both prosperity and misery. As their tale could be divided into three different stages from comfortable wealth to challenging hardship and finally intellectual maturity – the designer was determined to capture these metaphorical periods with eloquent designs. Due to the lack of images of these fictional heroines, Lasheen was drawn to historical palaces and mansions as a dependable alter ego. Between the deserted walls, the designer was able to put together a depiction of the well-known storyline and its leading characters.  

Being a spring/summer collection, the selected colors vary between white, green, red and grey. Together, they represent the colors of life; meanwhile, the gradient hues of each color reflect the development process of each character. While the light shades are ideal to represent each character’s infant innocence, the darkest shades speak of intellectual sophistication attained at the end of a long route. Even though the designer was keen on maintaining the feminine flair of the tale, she was also aware of her need to incorporate straight lines to emphasis the duality of the story. Embroidered lace, laser-cut fabrics and satin were the fabrics of choice to bring the four heroines to the 21st century; on contrary, the sharp silhouettes preserved the essence of the plot twist.


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