A new chapter told by Shahira Lasheen, this Haute Couture collection depicts cosmic power and its magnificent implications. Believed to be the source of life and its power, the sun is Lasheen’s latest muse. Powerful and invincible, this massive star occupies center-stage as the leading symbol for the tremendous women the designer envisions dressing in her creations. With their all-encompassing abilities to shine a light on those around them, guide their families and achieve their universal dreams – strong female leaders are an equal source of inspiration to Lasheen. Unlike her previous collections, Dieu De La Vie embraces a much bolder color palette. Between yellow, orange and red – the Dieu De La Vie collection follows the sun’s spectrum as it circulates the globe.

While current trends champion structured coats and tailored suiting, the S/S 19 collection runs further with these two silhouettes taking them to the realm of illustrative fantasy. The sharpness of the sun’s rays was translated into high collar designs and bold pleating while ancient symbols, mathematical equations and vibrant colours informed the design details. Keen on capturing the delightful warmth of the sun, Lasheen brought its tenderness and poetic nuances to the light layers of tulle decorated with hand-embroidered portraits of her leading star and its entourage of accompanying stars and planets.