Inspired by the most delicate decorative item of nature flowers, and especially the ARUM Lilies, Shahira Lasheen designed the Ready to Wear Spring Summer 2022 collection. Every piece tells a different story about flowers, nature, and the beauty of women. Fabrics are meticulously cut to create the subtle look of a flower, and handpicked to give the feel of an ARUM lily, a flower distinguished by its unique funnel-shaped bract, fiery colors, and crepe fabric-like texture.

The ARUM Collection is designed with a composition of defined arrow-shaped cuts, soft flower petals, vibrant spring colors, and fresh fabric textures, just like the strong modern but feminine and delicate woman. The fabric hero of the collection Shahira handpicked is Crepe, a material that is smooth and exceptionally lightweight, it also represents simplicity and grace. The crepe fabric has the most similar texture to the ARUM flower, and adding the Chiffon fabric into the mix, gives the whole collection a fresh feeling.